A Lovers Recipe

A special recipe for you and your lover.

We at Love Hook-Ups offer you this sensual ritual to experience with your partner.

Lovers Recipe:

Set aside 2 hours for this sensual ritual. An additional hour will be needed to create the set and setting.


You will need a few purchased items such as candles, flowers, sensual fruit like mango, papaya, small juicy oranges, kiwi, possibly chocolates and a sipping liqueur ( if you drink alcohol). You may also wish to exchange gifts during the ritual.

Peel, slice and arrange the food on a plate. This need not be a large amount as we are tempting the senses of smell and taste - not eating to be full. Pour a small single glass of the liqueur or whatever drink you desire. This glass will be shared by the two of you.

Arrange the bedroom with clean sheets and pillows. Set the candles in areas of the room that appeal to you. Place one or two candles in the bathroom. Pick soft, sensual music to play.

If you've purchased flowers place them somewhere appealing, say, on a table next to the fruit and drink.

The Evening: