Creative Kissing as an Art

A kiss is not just a kiss. It's an occasion to flirt. And when you're Flirting and Kissing at the same time, you want to kiss creatively. Here are a few tips.
  • Think about nothing at all but the kiss you're kissing. Better yet, don't think.
  • Start with lips either just slightly parted or closed. Don't start wet, with your mouth gaping open and your tongue poking out.
  • Relax your lips, but don't let them mush up.
  • Kiss as though you have all the time in the world.
  • But don't prolong a kiss beyond its natural life.
  • Wherever your hands are, use them: slowly increase pressure or graze gently -- but in non-erotic zones, like the back, the shoulders, the arms.
  • Don't turn every kiss into a sexual act or overture.
  • Once in a while, pretend it's the first time you've ever kissed this person.
  • Open your eyes (IF you can stand the intimacy).
  • Kiss your partner's face in places other than the lips.
  • Two or more little kisses are a nice way to warm up to big kisses.
  • Enjoy several long, slow kisses before moving into nibbles, licking, and ... whatever.
  • Add another "little kiss" or two after the big one. Kissing doesn't begin and end abruptly.
  • Attend to a graceful finish -- a soft, smoochy ending is much, much nicer than a dismissive smack.


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