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Well..., I placed a new and colorful map of Africa on the African-American Lesson Plan page, all of the countries are labeled! I also spruced up the A.A. Lesson Plans page with some Kente Strips For the teacher on the go, here are this week's "5 Quick Pick Lesson Plans". Just add water and stir...

  1. Creepy Class Creatures-Math-Grades k-3
  2. Life Cycles of Pacific Salmon-Science-Grades 4-6
  3. Beautiful Butterflies-Art-Grades k-3
  4. Where We Came From-Social Studies-Grades k-3
  5. Global Issues-Language Arts-Grades 4-6
By the way, if you are looking for technology lesson plans, try
For those teachers and others who are looking to further improve there education, there's Distance Learning through CASO's Internet University, check it out and let me know the particulars. Well. bye for now!
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In the meantime read this very important message:

The 8 Mainstays of Effective Teaching
1. Encourage and accept student autonomy, initiation, and leadership. 2. Whenever possible, use raw data and primary sources, along with manipulative, interactive, and physical materials. 3. Allow student thinking to drive lessons. Shift instructional strategies or alter content based on student responses. 4. Ask students for theories about concepts before sharing your understanding of those concepts. 5. Encourage students to engage in dialogue, both with the teacher and with one another. 6. Seek elaboration of students' initial responses. 7. Encourage student inquiry by asking thoughtful, open-ended questions and encouraging students to ask questions of others. 8. Allow wait time after posing questions.

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