Romantic Food:


Shop for special breakfast foods on Friday night, then have a decadent breakfast in bed on Saturday morning.

Before dining at a special restaurant, ask the maitre d' to surprise your love with a special hors d'oeuvre or carefully garnished entrée in the shape of a heart.
Share a pint of ice cream with one big spoon

Pick up a cappaccino or steamed milk on the way to her house

I like to take my favorite lady to our favorite jazz club. Once there, I order two coffees and a single piece of cheesecake. I cut the cheesecake into fairly small pieces and we feed it to each other... and play footsie under the table... the creamy cheesecake... the warm rich coffee... some quiet jazz in the background... if you do this right, it's a really low-cal dessert, because you won't be hanging around to finish the cheesecake anyway... :) (thanks J.T.)

Heart shaped breakfast! Pancakes, sausages, eggs, toast, hash browns all made heartshaped. (thanks Jesse for the idea)

Serve your lover. Bring coffee to the bedroom in the morning. Jump up and get dessert. What this says is: "You're so special to me that that right now I'm thinking more about you and your comfort than I am about my own."

Get a waffle iron that makes heart-shaped waffles. Add strawberries and whipped cream for a special morning "I love you" treat.

When he comes home from work have a candlelight dinner prepared for him on a low table and put two pillows on the floor picnic style. Have soft, romantic music playing in the background After dinner is done have him sit and relax sipping a glass of wine. Go and fill the tub with warm water and rose petals. As the tub fills, change into your nightclothes and go get him. Have him get into the tub and wash his back for him. From there the night is yours. Have fun (Thanks to Jenn)

Feed each other peeled grapes or strawberries, or even a whole meal- No silverware allowed!

Arrive at work on her lunch hour with a picnic basket and a blanket.

Go out on dates even if you are married. Make reservations for dinner, go to the movies, bring flowers. Kiss goodnight at the front door.

Remember: GREEN M+M's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One time, for Valentine's day, a friend and I made a cake for our loves. We bought a couple of boxes of candy conversation hearts and wrote a poem on top with the hearts. It was corny, but they loved it.